I was born and raised in Purcellville, VA as the youngest child behind two older brothers on ten acres of backyard fun. From a young age I was a busy creative and constantly looking for a puzzle to solve. Moving to Harrisonburg, VA I pursued a BFA in Architectural Design with a minor in Studio Art at James Madison University. Following graduation, I went on to continue exploring my creative practice by receiving my MFA in Visual Communications at Virginia Commonwealth University. I am currently living in Richmond, VA working as a Graphic Designer for a marketing company.

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Some fun facts about me are: I ran with the bulls in Pamplona, hiked 90 miles of El Camino de Santiago, paint in my free time, biked from Austria to the Czech Republic, swam in Lake Bled, have been clubbing in Tokyo, and grew up as a horse girl.

In my spare time I like to paint and play Ultimate Frisbee recreationally. I am also a certified 200 hr. yoga instructor and spin enthusiast.  I have an orange tabby cat named Artichoke who keeps me busy and entertained. On the weekends, I like to cook yummy vegetarian meals and spend time outdoors. Don’t hesitate to send music or IPA recommendations my way.

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